『 Kalimba Beginners 』9 Disney Songs on Kalimba with Easy Tabs ♡

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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40 Commentaires sur “『 Kalimba Beginners 』9 Disney Songs on Kalimba with Easy Tabs ♡

  1. Sandrah Araja says:

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  2. Jen P says:

    I just bought my autistic kid a kalimba and he's already got it pretty much down and looking for new songs to try out (within 1 hour, he had 4 of them memorized) this is going to make him so happy.

    For the record, he is high functioning and is 12 years old.

  3. Remy Marie Flores says:

    Disney songs : how far i'll go ( Moana ) , I see the light ( Rapunzel and Eugene from tangled ) , tale as old as time ( beauty and beast ) , a whole new world ( Alladin and Princess Jasmine from Alladin ) , let it go ( Elsa from frozen 1) , do you wanna build a snowman ( Anna from frozen 1 ) , remember me ( Coco ) , reflection ( lea salonga singing voice of mulan) , married up ( Up)

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