35 Commentaires sur “『 Kalimba Tabs 』Melanie Martinez – Play Date

  1. Its Beck says:

    hii there, i know u are very busy with making and editing your videos but i would like to ask if you could make a cover of Miraculous Ladybug theme song on kalimba 🙂 its my favorite TV show and i would love to hear it on kalimba by you! my favorite kalimba player 🙂 i hope u have a good day ❤️❤️

  2. carolina soares says:


    i'm from Brazil, i met kalimba a little while ago and i already love it, i loved your channel, you who compose the scores? If so, could you please try to play this song? There is already a video on his youtube but I didn't think it was cool. I believe you could make it more beautiful just like the one in this video, it would be wonderful to be able to hear you playing and be able to play.

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