39 Commentaires sur “『 Kalimba Tabs 』The Path of the Wind – My Neighbor Totoro (Joe Hisaishi)

  1. • Simp4thesmp • says:

    I'm gonna put some songs I wanna hear if you want some reccomendions

    Roadtrip by dream

    Your new boyfriend by wilbur soot

    Maybe I was boring by wilbur soot

    Sweater weather by the neighborhood

    Dreamy night by Lilypichu

    Daddy issues by the neighborhood

    Jubilee line by wilbur soot

    Hey there delilah by plain white T's

    All girls are the same by juice wrld

    Jesus in la by Alec Benjamin

    Agoraphobic by corpse

    That's I all I can think of rn 😅 but these are some songs that I think would sound good on the kalimba

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