【EASY Kalimba Tutorial】 Always With Me from Spirited Away

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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23 Commentaires sur “【EASY Kalimba Tutorial】 Always With Me from Spirited Away

  1. Moonquake says:

    Hey you, yes, i'm talking to you, YouTube comments reader.

    I know that sometimes (or often) our days don't go well, we feel sad, lonely, angry, whatever makes you feel bad… have a cup of your favorite beverage, sit in yor favorite place, feel that smooth beat for all the time you want. Maybe it won't fix something (or maybe it will), but I hope you'll enjoy it.

    Keep chasing your dreams, you're not alone, we're in the same world, and if we don't have the same problems, we feel the same.

    I'll recommend you a bucket list that you should do:

    -Say something good to a friend.

    -Call that guy/girl you like,

    -Go buy something pretty nice for you, you deserve it

    -Go outside and meet new people, make new friends.

    -Do something new, learn it, makes time slower.

    (kind of strange, makes time go faster but years slower)


    Write something nice to someone in the comments, make them feel better too, they need it.

    One last thing I want to say: I love you dude, no matters who you are, where you are, what you did.

    I hope this comment made you feel better.

    I wish you a good day! and I'll see you in the next comments of the next music video.

  2. Joyce Nantes says:

    Hi good eve u all! Thanks for upllading this tutorial, im so excited tomorrow to play it!! Im feeling like i dont wanna sleep tonight, until my own kalimba arrives in the afternoon. Keepp this wonderful job, im fully appreciated❤️❤️❤️. Love 🇵🇭

  3. Ezzy says:

    Oh can you please do more Studio Ghibli songs, please! I just got a kalimba and your tutorials are the easiest to follow that I have found online! Thank you so much!!

  4. Chris101 Gray says:

    You have to really memorize the key layout and which note is which before even attempting this, i.e; you have to know the instrument and be completely comfortable with it. You will struggle otherwise and get caught up in knots.

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