【EASY Kalimba Tutorial】 Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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40 Commentaires sur “【EASY Kalimba Tutorial】 Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

  1. aditya kiran says:

    I was just practicing this song on my kalimba 4 hours ago at 12 past midnight .Suddenly, our family gets a call from the doctor that my grandmother who is 87 years old is critical. We admitted her, as she contracted COVID.
    The doc says to my mother, "please don't put your mother on ventilator', let her pass away peacefully .
    We were just rushing to the hospital to see if we could atleast get a chance to see my grandma from the ICU window one last time. Minutes later, we get a call that she is no more and we didn't get that chance.

    I'm just back from the hospital writing this comment and I can't hold my tears back. Clair de Lune will be my grandma's song and I will finish what I started on my kalimba and dedicate this song to her as a parting away song.

    Ugh! Why does it hurt so bad ! Love you to the moon granny !!!! :(((

  2. alana !! says:

    i just started playing the kalimba, it’s so fun and easy, but i feel like since i already play the piano and many other instruments it came to me easier then it would for other beginners…idk!:)

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