23 Commentaires sur “【EASY Kalimba Tutorial】 Numb by Linkin Park

  1. Mat Rist says:

    Easy 😀 Not for me, Second day with Kalimba. Speed on 50% and after second 30 i fail hard 😀
    LOL maybe my fingers to big 🙁 I try more

    after second 50 25% is to hard.. LOL thats will be a hard training 😀

  2. Rasyidee says:

    hi, can i input a song request! you were good to me – jeremy zucker. it’s my fav song and it would mean a lot if i could learn from your channel especially when there are no videos of a tutorial for it on youtube 🙁

  3. k. says:

    I really love these they're so easy to follow, the colors changing is a bit confusing but it forces me to learn where the number are faster so I don't mind. (If possible I would love a Davy Jones theme tutorial I cant find any that i can understand this easily)

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