29 Commentaires sur “17 KEYS CRYSTAL KALIMBA GIVEAWAY | APRIL 2021

  1. ikkitachi says:

    Hey heeeyyy,
    i have a really tiny chance to win, however i would like to try. thank you for what you’re doing. a lot of people love what you do, me included. as one of the comments below said, France is on lockdown again and same here, i’d looooooooooooove and be honored to have one of those to give me a chance to escape this world. it… sounded really cliché but it was true, haha ! anyway, take care of yourselves and thank you again 🤍🖤✨

  2. Vy Lê says:

    Your channel has one of the best kalimba tutorials ever! I especially love the hard version because they are challenging and sound so beautiful. The best thing of all is that none of the songs require tuning, which is so cool! I have learned many great songs from your channel so thank you. I really appreciate your hard work and I hope your channel can continue to grow and become more successful.

  3. Alicia T says:

    I recently start playing kalimba, it is really fun!!! I love the melody that it's create and I find it easier that piano. Thanks to you I've learned how to play my favorite song !!!! Thank U veryyyyy muchhhhhh!!!!! Keep your hard work!! 🙂

  4. Ana Menskee says:

    I picked up the kalimba to learn as a new hobby at the start of the COVID lockdown, and your videos have really helped me learn how to play songs get better! I've especially become good at "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Thank you for your easy to learn videos! 🙂
    Also, is the email as stated in the video, yaklimbasheet@gmail.com (0:10) or is it supposed to be ykalimbasheet@gmail.com?

  5. Neusha Haque says:

    Never been musically inclined, however since the beginning of the lockdowns, my kalimba has gotten me through many difficult situations. So I really appreciate everything your channel does and how it inspires learning this beautifully melodic instrument. Truly soothing for the soul 🌸🍃🌻🌿

  6. Stephany Banglayan says:

    Your channel has really helped me with learning more songs on the kalimba. I love the easy and hard version as I can challenge myself with the harder version. Listening and playing the kalimba is my get away from everything right now since we can’t travel anywhere. So super thankful for your channel and contents ☺️😌 💜
    P.S I already have Ludovico Einaudi Nuvole Bianche and pirates of the Caribbean learnt off, onto Married Life now

  7. vkyh00 says:

    “Can't help falling in love” was the first song I learnt to play on the kalimba. It is such a lovely, relaxing instrument and helps me to get to sleep. Thank you so much for your tutorials!

  8. Moza Nadin says:

    Thank you for making a lot of kalimba tutorial for popular songs, especially for the anime and disney songs, and even make the easy and hard way to do it, this channel is my go to to learn kalimba, i hope this channel grow big in the future😁

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