43 Commentaires sur “5 BTS SONGS ON KALIMBA ♡ (FOR BEGINNERS!)

  1. lachimolala says:

    I finally got my Kalimba, now I can watch you AND pay with you, I used to only watch you and wish for a kalimba myselg, but, now I can play with you. ^^ btw, your videos are great, keep up!

  2. Matilda says:

    thank you, know I am ready to learn! I just have a question: do you have a tutorial that explains how to sound three notes one after the other… I don't know how to do it as fast as you do, seems like you do not even touch them ahahah (Idk if I made myself clear)

  3. Jhazmine says:

    I play guitar and kalimba. I'm always watching your videos I really love your BTS cover your so talented 😍😍
    BTS ARMY here💜💜
    👇like if your an Army

  4. Rosa Wahlang says:

    I just have one question, where do you get the glass ones like when I search it up, it only shows me the wooden ones so can you please tell where can I get the ball glass ones.

  5. Shannan Chan says:

    When you were supposed to learn spring day but got bored so you went on to tune your Kalimba back to C major and then realize wait- you have to tune again-

    Because that totally didn’t happen to me-

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