27 Commentaires sur “Adele – Someone Like You | Kalimba Cover with Tabs & Lyrics ♡

  1. Eloh Theodora says:

    I don’t have a kalimba and I know nothing about them but from my point of view, I think the songs you play sound better on the kalimbas made of glass, the sound is more calming and beautiful

  2. Lovely. says:

    Things about her: shes talented, shes amazing, she makes my day, shes the sweetest, shes respectful.

    If you hate on this beautiful angel, youre sining.

    I love your channel.

  3. Katy hans says:

    Hi you are so talented so I wanted to ask you a few questions im buying one of these, how hard is it to learn, also does it hurt your fingers after a while? And last question where are the kalimba sticker decorations from?

  4. felicitas achazo says:

    i was just listening to this miusic and after i go to bed i was just crying and i cant stop crying untill im getting sad i wish you never give up at your kalimbo causs its beautiful you know?

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