37 Commentaires sur “Auld Lang Syne (Happy New Year Song) | Kalimba Cover with Tabs 💖

  1. Icy's Trip in Life says:

    Pa request po ng song, title is "Legend of mermaid" and "Taiyou no Rakuenfrom" from Mermaid Melody OST. Maganda po ito kasi mellow lang lalo na po pag naka music box at piano. Thankyouuuu po! Sana ma notice to kasi fave song ko po talaga tuuu.

  2. Anna Liu says:

    hello, i was wondering whether you could play fuyunohanashi by given (it is anime. the song name may also be called "mafuyu's song")? i wish you (late) happy holidays and new years!

  3. 정국전 says:

    Where do you get them I think they're usually found in a local instrumental store or something but, I want to get this instrument so I can take the time to practice in order to Jam with you ♡♡♡♡

  4. Softboy says:

    Could you make please a cover from
    Older – Sasha Sloan,
    Rewrite the stars – The Greatest Showman,
    To build a home- The cinematic orchestra
    This is home – cavetown ?

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