35 Commentaires sur “Billie Eilish – my future | kalimba cover with tabs & lyrics ♡

  1. Sandrah Araja says:

    Hi guys! 💚 Do you like my new format of sharing the tabs? I decided to create it like this, so it will be easy for you to determine each parts by looking at the lyrics. Let me know if you have suggestions, thank you😘 I'll reply later! 💋

    Anyway, this song is very easy to play but the timing is a bit complicated. Honestly, it took me 2 days to practice this song😅

  2. ⌈P a r a c o s m⌋ says:

    Beautiful 😩🥺🥺
    Just wondering, do you know any international online shop where I can buy cute stickers like those? I’ve been searching all of the internet for some for my Kalimba and I can’t find any I like ;-; Thanks your a star 💫

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