27 Commentaires sur “BTS Jungkook – Still With You | Kalimba Cover with Tabs ♡

  1. Sandrah Araja says:

    Hello ARMYs! 💜 Do you like it? I just heard this song last night and I can't stop listening to it. 🥺 This is such a beautiful song. 💜 And Jungkook's voice is everything!!! 🥰

    Anyway, can you help me notice by BTS? 😁😅 But I don't know how. Hahaha. I always post on Weverse, but they don't see it. 😅

  2. keke says:

    my kalimba arrived today and i'm a beginner, but i wanted so bad to try THiS song and it's actually easier than I thought it would be !?! thank you sm for your vids and beautiful covers with this instrument, you gave me so much motivation to try more and keep going ! ♥︎

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