35 Commentaires sur “BTS Kalimba Medley (7 Songs!) | Happy 7th Anniversary BTS! ♡

  1. Pinapple Daily says:

    can you make an easy arrangement version? You are very smart, but the arrangement is too difficult for some people who are just learning Kalimba. regardless, I really like you. I learned kalimba because I saw you.

  2. Yoon Min says:

    Is there a difference between machines, I mean transparent and wooden?

    I hope that you will answer my question quickly .. Because I requested the transparent Kalimba, is it good?

  3. yuxuan says:

    Hiii I am a army and I really like your kalimba cover 👏🏻 I wish you can upload more kalimba bts cover as serendipity , epiphany , seesaw and more!!!☺️

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