48 Commentaires sur “Conan Gray – Heather | Kalimba Cover with Tabs & Lyrics ♡

  1. A says:

    78 dislikesssss 😭

    I bet those people are just jealous of your kalimba unu

    (Yes this is a joke, i know that people have their own reasons and opinions on things.)

  2. Jung Hoseok says:

    this has happened to me before, I had crush on this boy but he liked someone else so I just kept silent. She was the top of the class and she got straight A's while I was trying to catch up on work, she always comes to school perfectly and is never late and never misses a day. I didn't hate her but I didn't want to be her friend but I acted like I was her friend, I then just gave up on him because I knew he would never like me. They are both smart and they look handsome and beautiful, I never wished were her though.

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