50 Commentaires sur “Constructicon DEVASTATOR Transform – Short Flash Transformers Series

  1. la familia kratts kratts says:

    Could have had some good time to come and pick them off for the day after we arrive on Friday or Saturday morning so that you have the full plan and will give it back for me if it doesn't get lost on your end of it all 7days and then we have the opportunity of working on it as we go through this phase in a new place so that I may have some ideas on where we are staying in our room as a result and what the next few months would mean to us is to make the decision of a business plan for our future clients and our business team and our company will help you in your search and we hope that your company has the opportunity for the future and we are proud that our team and I

  2. Black Ninja says:

    , mudflap, you will never stop me and my partner devastator
    , devastator, oh yeah well let me activate my mouth vacuum 1:42
    , mudflap, nOoOoOoO
    , devastator, wait why does it taste like rotten oil (spits mudflap out)
    ,mudflap, I’m OK 👍

  3. Jeremiah Carlson says:

    I have no clue how the designer’s for the transformers of bayformers got their designs like how did they go from a neon green and purple giant humanoid robot to a multi coloured giant dog like robot
    Like they have step 1 and they skip steps 2-49 and bayformer bots is step 50 how did you get these designs from the originals

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