Fight Song – Rachel Platten | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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17 Commentaires sur “Fight Song – Rachel Platten | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

  1. Charline Avon says:

    I discovered your channel few days ago, and I'm fell in love with your talent ! I practice Kalimba since confinement, and it's hard to find quality tabs like yours, with many choices.
    On your previous channel, there was "How Far I'll Go" from Moana, could you put it here, too, please ? 🙂
    And also, if you want a challenge : one of my favorite french singer is Calogero. And I would like playing one of is beautilful song from his last album. This song is "Le baiser sans prénom", a pretty ballad, sounds like a waltz, beautiful and nostalgic, perfect for kalimba, I think.
    Could you try, perhaps ?… Thank you for what you have already done 🙂

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