19 Commentaires sur “Game of Thrones – Main Theme | Kalimba Tutorial (Easy)

  1. Harmonie Zvuku - kalimby a zvonkohry says:

    Argh, and here you are using color as in treble kalimba. I hate that there is two similar and confusing color notations… Please, use just alto notation even for 17 notes. I think the creator of kalimba tablature – Mark Holdaway, started to using 15 alto notation for 17 treble kalimba. That means : 1 – blank, 2 and 3 – coloured – as you have it on Pachelbel canons tutorial… What do you think about that? I think the most common color notation is that on alto – so it would be better even for you to use it.
    What you think? Thank you. Tomas

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