42 Commentaires sur “Jason Derulo, BTS, Jawsh 685 – Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) | Kalimba Cover with Tabs ♡

  1. Cheemonツ says:

    I've been memorizing the kalimba chords/tabs and I only did it after a month🥺Your kalimba covers are AMAZING!!👏🏻 It's very easy for me to understand the chords/tabs😊Keep it up po! Ang galing niyo po🎉✨ and Thank you din po!!💛

  2. Zarin Akhter says:

    tysm for doing these videos they have inspired me c: <3 i bought one straight away! but it took! 3 days of beggging :> Its coming on the 15th of feb! i cant wait im writting the lyrics down on paper cuz im no way remembering lol

  3. Princess Gaming says:

    bro somebody stole your video….. AND NOOO! it wasn't me, I saw somebody else steal it and then they posted on insta the same thing saying " I love playing Kalimba, Its easy and hard but you get a hang of it" Can't believe somebody did that 😥

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