15 Commentaires sur “Kalimba Tutorial – Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do 愛にできることはまだあるかい

  1. Autumn The Kalimbaist says:

    Hello! If you are new to Kalimba and only speak English, I have some helpful videos to help understand how to play. I am not a pro at music, but I try my best to brake everything down step by step. I hope to help someone 🙂

  2. Doskoulea says:

    Could you please do one of these songs? I don't know how well they would be with a Kaimba, so I asked for a few incase one didn't work out. There's no tutorials for Chocolate Town anywhere on the internet, so I'd really appreciate it if you could do Chocolate Town. But if you can't then there's three other songs that I would love to learn but sadly there's no tutorials for

    Edit: I'm only asking for one song, I just don't know how easy or well they would sound on a Kalimba so I put a few down in case the one that I requested wouldn't work for Kalimba

    1. Chocolate Town – Sou
    2. Tig-hug – Eve
    3. Myojo Galactica – Eve x Sou
    3. Fake – Eve

    Please and thank you so much!! 💕

  3. Scrote Goblin says:

    Hey, I know this will be a weird request, and if you cant, it's fine. Would there be a way for me to request a specific song but not have it posted on youtube? My girlfriend and I just got one and i would like to learn a specific song to surprise her with.

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