50 Commentaires sur “[Meteor Garden OST] Ni Yao De Ai (你要的爱) – Penny Tai | Kalimba Cover with TABS ♡

  1. lala lala says:

    ni yao de ai brings back a lot of memories from meteor garden and knowing no matter how long its been already the story still has a special spot in our hearts and you made absolute splendid cover of this! keep posting covers <333

  2. ssami says:

    mamsh, pwedeng pa request din po ng warm little love na ost sa put your head on my shoulder 😭💓 kayo po inspiration ko na magstart magkalimba 💓🙏

  3. Yumi Kim says:

    Paborito ko po yung Teleserye na yun. Tapos eto yung paborito kong OST. aaaagh ang ganda lang po. Salamat po sa paggawa. It can be a lullaby for me to sleep at night

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