One Summer's Day from "Spirited Away" by Joe Hisaishi | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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20 Commentaires sur “One Summer's Day from "Spirited Away" by Joe Hisaishi | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

  1. Dreamy Lin says:

    I can already play the easy version so that is a big help but after 2mins in this video it gets like really hard. 🥺
    I was like "oh I'm gonna learn this version in an hour, I already know how to play the basic melody.."
    3 hours later: I only learned the first 2mins of the song… But well I like challenges

  2. Alyssa Lyons says:

    I love the addition of harder versions of songs as well as easy! Will you be making harder versions of previous songs on this channel? I'd love to see harder versions of Town with an Ocean View and Mitsuha's Theme <3

  3. Angelina Marschner says:

    So beautiful❤, and can you make a tutorial about these songs?

    -openings from the Anime(Kimi ni Todoke) season 1&2🌼
    -"love like a snowflake" from Xia Junsu❄❤
    -opening from the Anime(Ao haru ride)💗
    -"Moonlight Densetsu/Star locked Theme" from the Anime(Sailor Moon)🌙
    -"Can you hear my heart/ft.Lee.Hi" from the k-drama(Epik high)💞

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