Play Date – Melanie Martinez | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

Apprenez à jouer du Kalimba avec cette sélection de livre :


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45 Commentaires sur “Play Date – Melanie Martinez | Kalimba Tutorial (Hard)

  1. ok says:

    How do you play it? Do you play with two fingers or more? Just imagining playing with two fingers; my fingers will get abs faster than I can.

  2. Ricc Runner says:

    I really ike and enjoy your videos alot. There is one song i am missing on your channel. "I like Chopin" from Gazebo.
    If there is any chance, you may create a tutorial for that song, i would be more than happy. Thank u alot for your passionate work.

  3. Mario Chive says:

    Hey! You are amazing, I really thank you for all those tabs. For real, things like this made me buy it. I'll progress with all your songs till I will do something mine. Keep going!

  4. Aeranad says:

    your channel has helped me learn so many songs on my Kalimba! Do you think you could do a tutorial of "The Edge of Dawn" from the game Fire Emblem Three Houses?

  5. Bc says:

    Theres one song that i absolutely love and would sound delightful on this instrument but I cant find much for it.

    its a video game song from Runescape : autumn voyage

    Any chance you can give it a listen and let me know if you think itd be possible on the kalimba?

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