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  1. dropdrop top says:

    Start: 0:13

    E F G E G B (pause) A
    put your head on my shoul-der

    F G F E D E A
    Hold me in your arms ba-by

    F G F E D E A
    Squeeze me oh-so tight

    D E D C B D E
    Show me that you love me too

    E F G E G B (pause) A

    F G F E D E A

    F G F E D E A

    D E D C B D E

    D D D C E E E

    E D D D A G G

    (To be continued)

  2. dee dee says:

    woooooooow thnx so much this reminds me of guitar hero its how i learned how to play guitar a little im a self taught flute player and organ ,keyboard , and synthesizer all from whn i was a kid i learned by ear i never really learned to read music other than the basics until highschool my first song i learned was the theme song from MASH the tv show i taught myself tht song just by playing by ear id love to jam with u i just ordered my kalimba from amazon and im soooo impatiently waiting im learning so much from you right now thnx we need more folks like u especially with all thts going on so this is wht im doing while stayn in learning yet another instrument thnx again u made my night


    dee dee

  3. 🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ says:

    💜❤️♥️❤️💜♥️❤️💜Beautiful! 👏🏽 Can you do you are my sunshine? My mom is very very sick and bedridden and that’s our song (her, me , my brother and my kids)❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️❤️💜♥️❤️

  4. Niklas Hübner says:

    Hey there! Just recently discovered this amazing channel c:

    Just wantwd zo ask if you could do make a toutorial for the dream theme from the anime mysterious girlfriend x :b

    Keep up the good work! U definetly deserve more subs! :p

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