23 Commentaires sur “Simple Man – Kalimba Tutorials | Medium

  1. Alessandro LN says:

    Please! Please! Sunshine – Nazareth and the theme of the movie Austin Powers! I love your Channel, I'm learning a lot with your work! Thank you very, very much! I'm from Brazil and I visit your channel every day!

  2. Lusia Reyof says:

    May I propose "hurts like hell" – Fleurie ; and "killing butterflies" – Lewis Blissett ?^^
    (but I think the second one would be maybe to difficult^^" cuz' it's a electronic (?) song)

  3. Lua Lumos says:

    This is sooo cool!! You are amazing!! I can't stop watching your videos!! could you play Beautiful Goodbye by CHEN? Please? I think it will be so pretty playing in kalimba

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