35 Commentaires sur “Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound ft. The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games) | Kalimba Cover w/ Tabs & Lyrics ♡

  1. Tazeen Shuja says:

    New level of aesthetic n thanks for easing my anxiety. Can I get pinned though? Ppl I wanna take this opportunity to tell u that pls pls pls for my sake stay strong ,smile ,talk to ppl n live . I need u , this world needs u . I love you .

  2. Stabby says:

    i think this might be my favorite of all your covers that i've listened to so far! i love it so much! and i love you for bringing this beauty into the world and for sharing it with us <3

  3. Sydney Nguyen says:

    This helps me calm from the London Blitz that my friends dared me to listen at midnight sharp one day and told me to listen to it and don’t close out the video and this helps me forgets about it. Thank you so much

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