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  1. sdjagger says:

    I changed the refrain a little bit cause I think the end sounds better like this, but here are the notes.
    EGC.E. E.GD.F. E.C.
    CEGC. C.DBD. C. 2x

    C.C.C.C. BD.C.G
    EGGE DGE 2x

    AC.C.A GC.GC.
    BD.D. C.E.D.C. 2x

    E.D.C.AG E.D.C.D.E.
    E.D.C.A E.D.C.D. E.D.C.E.
    E.D.C.A C.C.AD.
    E.D.C.A E.D.C.D. E.D.C.C.

  2. Edit Mária Vincz says:

    I know its not professional, but this is what actually helped me, as I can not read music sheets at all or anything music related:
    >E >G <C <E <E >G >D >F <E <C

    C >E >G <C <C <D >B >D <C

    >E >G <C <E <E >G >D >F <E <C

    C >E >G <C <C <D >B >D <C

    <C <C <C <C >B <D <C >G

    >E >G >G >E <D >G >E

    <C <C <C <C >B >D <C >G

    >E >G >G >E <D >G >E

    <A <C <C <A >G <C >G <C

    >B >D >D <C <E >D <C

    A <C <C <A >G <C >G <C

    >B >D >D <C <E >D <C

    <E >D <C <A

    <E >D <C >D

    <E >D <C <A >G <E >D <C <A >G <E >D <C <E

    <E >D <C <A <C <C <A >D

    >D >D <C <E >D <C <E <C

    <E >D <C <A >G <E >D <C <A <F <E <E >D <C <C

  3. Terri Maria says:

    My Kalimba does not have as many keys as this…it's a mini I guess…and these things drop too fast…could you make letters drop to letters and make them red if they're the red keys or something?

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