Kalimba 17 notes heavy-duty storage case


17/15/10 keys Kalimba case thumb Piano storage bag EVA Sanza Kalimba handbag with a slot to place the tuning hammer


Brand-new, high-quality 100%.

Specially designed carrying case for 10/15/17-key thumb pianos.

Water-resistant material, with foam padding inside to protect your thumb piano from shocks.

With a slot for the adjusting hammer.

Zippered design and top handles for convenient transport.

Small, strong and easy to carry.


Color: black

Material: EVA

Size: 21 cm/8.27"× 14 cm/5.51″ × 9 cm/3.54"

The Kalimba shown in the picture is not included.

Kalimba case
Kalimba 17 notes heavy-duty storage case