Top 10 easy-to-carry kalimbas

Do you want to take your kalimba everywhere with you, but don't always have the space to carry a heavy, bulky instrument? Don't worry, we've got a solution for you: the easiest kalimbas to carry!

If you're a fan of plucked string musical instruments like marimbas, xylophones or kalimbas, this list is for you. We've selected the 10 best kalimbas for musicians who need a lightweight instrument that's easy to carry.

1. Le Kalimba 17 Key by The Kalimba

le kalimba 17 key by the kalimba

The Kalimba 17 Key by The Kalimba is without doubt one of the easiest kalimbas to carry. This superb plucked string instrument is light and easy to handle, and can be used in any situation. Its elastic band system offers multiple tonal possibilities, and its keys are sensitive enough to allow you to achieve subtle nuances.

Whatever music you want to play, this kalimba is an excellent tool for musicians who want to play on the move. You're sure to find this kalimba at most museums and music festivals around the world.

2. The kalimba 21 Key Flip by The Kalimba

le kalimba 21 key flip by the kalimba

The Kalimba 21 Key Flip by The Kalimba is another perfect example of easy-to-carry kalimbas. This kalimba is light and compact, yet a powerful instrument. The Flip 21 has an innovative design that provides intuitive access to the keys, making them easy to handle.

The Flip 21 can be used to play a variety of music and produce unique sounds. The keys are simple and intuitive enough for you to play more complex pieces. This kalimba is perfect for traveling musicians who want an instrument that can be easily carried anywhere.

3. Le Kalimba 23 Key by The Kalimba

le kalimba 23 key by the kalimba

The Kalimba 23 Key by The Kalimba is an excellent instrument for those who want an easily transportable kalimba. Its ergonomic body and sturdy structure make it a V-shaped tool suitable for all fingers. Its keys are larger than standard ones, making it a highly intuitive instrument that's very easy to use.

This kalimba features an elastic band system that can be adjusted to produce a variety of exciting sounds. You'll be delighted to find that the sound is full, rich and very intuitive. Musicians looking for an instrument to play on the road will certainly find it a perfect fit.

4. Le Kalimba 15 Key by The Kalimba

le kalimba 15 key by the kalimba

The Kalimba 15 Key by The Kalimba is another great option for those who want to take a kalimba everywhere with them. This ergonomically perfect kalimba is easy to store and safe to carry. You'll notice how well its keys respond to your fingers, and how sensitive they are to the most subtle tones.

The sound produced by the Kalimba 15 Key is very rich and dynamic. What's more, it's easy to handle and offers a wide variety of sounds. Whether you're playing in a concert hall, a studio or in the back of a car, this kalimba is sure to get the job done.