Which kalimba to create popular Youtube content? 🤔

Would you like to start your own YouTube channel and are looking for the right instrument to show your subscribers the content you want? One of the best options for interesting music video content may be a kalimba. But which one should you choose?

You'll find different sizes and varieties of kalimbas, and each will bring a different sound and different playing possibilities. To help you get started on your YouTube channel with the right instrument, we've put together a selection of kalimbas for this purpose.

Types of kalimba popular with YouTube creators

Visit OKE 17-Key Kalimba is an excellent instrument to start a musical journey on YouTube. With its flute-like notes, medium pitches and ability to play simple melodic accompaniments and more complex rhymes, it can be very interesting for an audience of all ages. With its intuitive design and attractive color, it blends well with a variety of scenes for your video.

Visit Takomorphic 17-Key Kalimba has a rich sound and offers a wide range of dynamic musical possibilities. Its magnetic and resonant fingerboard mechanism with a warm, reverberant sound will captivate your audience. Its lightweight ergonomic neck makes it easy to play complex melodic passages and electric guitar riffs.

For something more modern and colourful, opt for the Musiclily 6-Tine Kalimba. This 6-note metal kalimba produces a rich, spiritual sound. You can adapt the configuration of the keys and their tones to suit the specific situations of your YouTube channel. You can even tinker with this kalimba to experiment with a wide range of musical styles.

Tips to promote your YouTube channel with your kalimba:

  • Include simple tutorials reminiscent of the kalimba's melody and rhythms for your YouTube channel - this will help beginners discover the kalimba easily and create a bond with the instrument!
  • Add audio excerpts that illustrate kalimbas playing and melody, and explore all possible sounds with a variety of chords.
  • Put together an in-depth tutorial for advanced players that explains complicated chords and accompaniment chains.


The kalimba is a wonderful instrument for creating unique and entertaining YouTube content. If you're looking for new filters and innovative sounds, find the right kalimba at TheKalimba.com according to your interests and skills. Follow the best practices above and start creating YouTube wonders with your kalimba! 🎉