Which electric kalimba for concerts?

Perhaps you're wondering which electric kalimba to choose for your next gig? Don't worry, we've got everything you need to help you! TheKalimba is the specialist in southern African instruments, and its electric kalimbas are perfect for concerts. 😃

Which kalimba for concerts?

To answer your question, the best kalimba to use for concerts is the Kalimba Multisono 1671 available from TheKalimba. This electric kalimba features a dynamic pickup and built-in preamplification, making it ideal for live performance. What's more, it comes with several types of motor, including a magnet-resonator motor and a magnet-lowering motor. These motors will help you achieve crisp, clear sound at every gig, leaving no room for unintentional switch-off. With the Kalimba Multisono 1671You'll also benefit from a delay effect, giving you a rich, deep sound for your concerts.

How can I use the electric kalimba for concerts?

When using the Kalimba Multisono 1671However, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure that you get the best possible sound from every performance. We recommend that you use high-quality alkaline batteries, as they provide more power and last longer. You should also check that your amplifier is set up properly before each gig, and that you have correctly adjusted the speaker and tremolo controls, to get the sound you want. And finally, don't forget to set the volume and tones appropriately before each gig. By following these tips, your Kalimba Multisono 1671 will work wonders at every concert! 🎉


In conclusion, the Kalimba Multisono 1671 is the best choice for concerts. It comes with powerful motors, a delay effect and built-in preamplification, making it ideal for getting the best possible sound at every gig. Just remember to take certain precautions before every show, and you'll be ready to perform on stage and express your music to a wide audience! 🤩