Different kalimba playing techniques for Oriental musicians

The kalimba is a highly versatile instrument, often used in oriental music. The use of notes to create melodies has given rise to a wide variety of different playing techniques that allow musicians to explore interesting sounds and rhythms.

Beginner or expert musician?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the kalimba is the perfect instrument for you. Playing styles are many and varied, allowing you to improve or try out different styles. What's more, for beginner musicians, the kalimba is very easy to learn and master.

The different techniques

When you start playing the kalimba, it's important to understand the different playing techniques. One of the most popular techniques is arpeggio, in which notes are played one after the other. This is a very common technique used to accompany more complex melodies.
Another type of playing is tremolo, in which the notes are played several times. This technique is often used to add emotion to melodies. Finally, burst playing is a technique that can be used to create a staccato effect.

Using effects and additional sounds

The kalimba is an instrument that can create a number of different sounds and effects, which can add extra nuances to your playing. For example, you can use echo effects or metallic sounds to create deeper, more interesting moods. You can also create interesting melodies by combining several effects.

The different styles of music

The kalimba is an instrument that can be used with a variety of musical styles. Oriental musicians benefit greatly from the kalimba, as it can accurately imitate traditional instruments such as the flute, tanpura and sitar. With its melodious notes and dynamic playing techniques, the kalimba is a very popular instrument for Oriental music.


The kalimba is a highly versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of melodies and rhythms across different musical genres, including oriental music. Thanks to its various playing techniques and additional effects, the kalimba is the ideal instrument for musicians wishing to explore new music.