Foldable kalimbas: a practical musical travel companion

Have you ever heard of the kalimba, or the thumbelette?

This is a musical instrument made of metal, with wooden rods and keys that play melodious sounds.

Kalimbas are very practical when you're traveling, as they're rather small and easy to carry. That's why the website offers foldable kalimbas that are practical and easy to carry wherever you go.

A practical musical companion

Thanks to their foldable shapes, kalimbas are a musical must-have for those who like to travel or have an active lifestyle. And because they take up very little space, they're easy to transport and play.

On Thekalimba.comYou can find kalimbas of different models and with different sounds.

Kalimbas have unique mechanisms that set them apart from other instruments. They are made from pieces of metal, and sometimes from painted wood. Each kalimba model has a different sound, due to the metals and woods used, which also differ from model to model.

Simply hold the kalimba and place your fingers on the stems to produce melodious sounds. Find your favorite model on and have fun recording melodies and creating unexpected sounds.

How to choose the right kalimba

When buying a kalimba, there are several criteria to consider:

  • The material it's made of.
  • Number and size of stems.
  • The hooks and metal sheets to which the rods are attached.
  • The size and weight of the kalimba.

On Thekalimba.comHere you'll find a wide selection of kalimbas, so you can find the one that's right for you. You can also find instructions on how to play your new kalimba and take lessons in our online courses.

Resisting outside influences

Metal rods are built to resist atmospheric influences and corrosion. Wooden rods are finished with a coat of paint for extra protection and a classic, exquisite appearance.

Visit kalimbas from are designed to stand the test of time thanks to a tough plastic coating that protects the kalimba, giving it a longer lifespan.

Folding kalimbas: traveling friends for passionate jet-setters ­čÄŞÔŤÁ

Foldable kalimbas are the ideal musical instrument for those who love to travel and want to entertain themselves during their escapades. It's light, practical, easy to carry and easy to learn to play.

Foldable kalimbas from are an ideal way to share your emotions and feelings with soothing, melodious melodies. Wherever and whenever you travel, you can take a folding kalimba with you and play a variety of melodies and sounds.

Awaken your musical passion and become your neighborhood's most creative jet-setter by buying a folding kalimba on ! ­čśü