For beginners What songs can I play on a kalimba? Where can I find the tablature for the songs?

Which kalimba is right for beginners?

Generally speaking, the 17-note kalimba is the best size for beginners. Its range is wide enough to play the most popular repertoire, and it's a comfortable size for a 17-note kalimba. What's more, 17 key kalimba tabs are easy to find.

I was so in love with my friend's kalimba that he let me borrow it as a stress reducer to play in between studying for my university final exams. I've experimented with it a bit and created some soothing sounds myself, but I still can't figure out how to play a song properly. If anyone has any suggestions on simple songs to learn and tablature that works for them, that would be lovely! I play most aural instruments, but I have to learn how to play them first before my ears are ready for my training wheels to come off.

I'd love to buy my own kalimba and would appreciate suggestions on what type I should start with and accredited suppliers. I literally fell in love with this instrument four days ago, so I haven't studied much about it yet. If you know of any websites or tutorials you should check out, that would be great too. :]

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