How to Customize a Kalimba: Decoration and Modification

The kalimba is a very interesting and versatile musical instrument that can be modified and customized from the simplest ideas, to create an instrument that will be unique. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, enriching your kalimba by customizing it and giving it unique features is a great source of fun and creativity. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to personalize your Kalimba!

Epsonic modifications

The kalimba is a highly responsive instrument that can be modified fairly easily to suit your playing wishes. Modifications to a kalimba include positioning the kalimba's tines, adjusting the level and spectrum of residual noise, choosing case and soundboard materials, sound treatment and acoustic enhancements. All these modifications can be made to improve both sound and playability, and give your kalimba a unique sound.

Decorations and Paintings

You can personalize your Kalimba using a variety of decorations to give your instrument a unique appearance. Paint, varnish, stickers, laser cut-outs, stickers, ribbons, adding a personalized logo, are just some of the ideas that can be applied to transform your Kalimba. You can also add holes or sounds, either by making them yourself or by purchasing a set of pre-molded ornaments. These elements can be added to add a personal and/or essential touch to your Kalimba.

Adding beads and accessories

The kalimba can also be customized with a variety of beads and accessories to achieve a unique look. Beads and other accessories can be added to the tines, case or top of your kalimba, adding color, texture and style to your instrument. Beads can also be used to define certain sounds or form interesting patterns. You can also add medals, coins and bells to your kalimba to make the sound richer.

Soundboard modifications

The platter can be modified to produce sharper, more nuanced sounds. You can add specific cuts and grooves to your platter to add emphasis and nuance to certain sounds. You can also add holes and/or dots to modify the sound and improve its timbre and amplification characteristics.

Customizing your own kalimba can be a very satisfying way of adding your personal touch to an instrument you'll be using for many years to come. Whether you modify it for aesthetic or sonic reasons, any modifications can add a unique touch to your kalimba and transform a store-bought instrument into something truly special.


The kalimba is a highly versatile instrument that can be customized and modified with simple tools to create a unique instrument. You can modulate the sounds of your kalimba, add decorations, beads and accessories, or modify the top to add tonal nuances. When you're finished, your kalimba will be your very own instrument, and you'll be able to enjoy playing it and fine-tuning your recordings!