How to play the kalimba in duo or group

The kalimba is a harmonious, versatile instrument that can be played solo, in duets or in groups. It's an amazing and engaging way to spend time creating music and melodies with friends and family. The kalimba originated in Africa and is popular the world over.

Playing the kalimba as a duo

Playing the kalimba in pairs is fun and easy. You can combine to form a beautiful melody. You can choose to play the same song, or each play their own song to form a dynamic duo.

If you decide to use the same song, you can choose minor variations to give your performance a richer, more exciting texture. If you decide to create an original song, you can combine the different melodies to create a unique, catchy tune.

Playing the kalimba in a group

Playing in a group is more rewarding. A variety of kalimba, such as simple kalimba, diatonic kalimba, alto kalimba and more, can be played simultaneously. This helps create more intense, complex music for a more satisfying result for musicians and listeners alike.

You can also incorporate external instruments into your playing, such as drumsticks, drums, flutes and more. You can also incorporate electronic sounds, such as synthesizers and the like, to create a result that's even easier to listen to. This will make your music even more captivating and diverse.

Kalimba scale

Another advantage of playing the kalimba in a group is the possibility of playing the pieces using different scales. You can use major, minor and chromatic scale harmonies. You can also play the songs in discordant keys to add variety. Using different scales gives your musical performance a richer, more interesting feel.


The kalimba is a unique way of creating music. It offers musicians the opportunity to play solo or to achieve great things in collaboration. If you have a group of musician friends and would all like to learn to play the kalimba, don't hesitate to experiment with the possibilities offered by the instrument. You're sure to have fun!