Kalimba learning methods: books, DVDs, online lessons, etc.

The kalimba is a metal-bladed percussion instrument that has become famous for its light, melodious sound. Kalimbas are usually played with the fingers, and their music is enhanced by the crystalline sound of the metal rods suspended from the body of the instrument. The kalimba can be a very relaxing instrument to play, but to play correctly requires a certain degree of skill and practice.

With so many different ways to learn to play the kalimba, it's important to find the right product to get the results you want. Books, DVDs and online lessons are all good ways to improve your kalimba playing skills. kalimba. Here is a brief description of each kalimba method.

Books on the kalimba

Kalimba books are an excellent way to learn how to play. These books include comprehensive, detailed information on playing techniques, playing styles, composition and practice techniques. The books also provide clear, detailed descriptions of the various sounds and melodies that can be produced on the kalimba. The books generally offer a wide selection of exercises to develop your skills and practice on the instrument.

Kalimba DVD

Kalimba DVDs are also a great way to learn. These DVDs are often cut with interactive tutorials to suit all your learning needs. You'll find kalimba tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the learning process and progress at every stage. DVDs usually feature image sequences and visual instructions that will help you learn less than you would with a simple book.

Online kalimba lessons

Online kalimba lessons offer a fun and interactive way to learn the kalimba. These lessons are usually led by experienced instructors who can provide specific advice and guidance. Online lessons can help you better understand and integrate the concepts you're learning, as well as get instant feedback from a qualified teacher.


Ultimately, whatever learning method you choose, the kalimba is a very rewarding instrument to learn and play. Working with a book, DVD or online lessons will give the advantage of having a companion every step of the way and can help improve your playing considerably. So, are you ready to learn to play the kalimba ? The learning methods you choose depend on your preferences and needs. Try to find what works for you and enjoy!