Kalimbas and music in theater: Discover how to use the Kalimba in your shows!

Visit kalimba is an ancient African variation of percussion music which, in recent years, has become a very popular instrument in theatrical settings. Using the kalimba to accompany a show or comedy performance can enchant your audience and add a certain magic to your show.

When you play the kalimba, you produce a variety of sounds that can be used to subconsciously mark the highlights of your piece. As a percussion instrument, the kalimba can be used to play simple cadences and help support the story you're telling. Although a versatile instrument, the kalimba is very versatile and can be used to complement any type of show.

How do you use the Kalimba in a theatrical performance?

Before you start playing the kalimba, there are some practical considerations you need to take into account. You need to consider the size of the stage and choose the most appropriate type of kalimba for your performance. If the stage is small, you should opt for a smaller kalimba, such as the garden kalimba, which is very easy to transport. If the stage is larger, you should consider using a larger model such as the bamboo kalimba, which is more visible and produces more powerful sounds.

You also need to consider the nature of your show and the type of music you choose. You need to find a style of music that suits your room and can be easily integrated with the kalimba. Musical styles such as blues, jazz or rock may well suit your show.

Finally, you need to find ways of integrating the kalimba into your show. You can have the kalimba play along with other instruments, at regular intervals, or more frequently for special moments. You need to find ways to create a musical commentary on your stage and create a musical section to your show.kalimbas can be an excellent instrument to use in theatrical performances, as they can add a unique and distinctive sound to the music.

The benefits of the kalimba in theatrical settings

The kalimba is a unique and versatile instrument that offers advantages for theatrical performances. The kalimba can produce a variety of sounds and musical styles that can help create the perfect atmosphere for your room. The kalimba is also easy to transport and maintain, making it ideal for theatrical performances.

What's more, the kalimba is an instrument suitable for everyone. Youngsters and adults alike can easily learn to play the kalimba. This means you can easily include the kalimba in your show and find actors with good skills and innovative musical ideas.


The kalimba is an instrument suitable for everyone, and can be easily integrated into any type of theatrical performance. By incorporating simple melodies and cadences into your piece, the kalimba can add a magical touch to your show. Take the time to find out how to use the kalimba and enjoy all its benefits in theatrical settings! kalimbas can be used as interludes between scenes in theatrical performances. The instrument's gentle, soothing sound can help create a smooth, seamless transition between different parts of the performance. Overall, kalimbas can be a versatile and effective instrument for use in theater, adding a unique and distinctive sound to the music and enhancing the emotional impact of the performance.