What is a kalimba?

A kalimba, also known as a mbira or thumb piano, is a keyboard instrument consisting of metal blades suspended above a resonance box. Used as a solo instrument or accompaniment in music, the kalimba is known for its melancholy, meditative melody, making it one of the most popular instruments, both beautiful and easy to transport.

Which kalimba to choose?

If you're looking to buy a kalimba but don't have an unlimited budget, don't worry! Here's the Top 5 of the best kalimbas costing no more than €50.

1. 17-key Kalimba with velvet bag and instruction manual - The 17-key kalimba is an excellent choice for beginners, designed with chrome-plated steel blades that give the instrument exceptional tone. It comes with a velvet case, silicone gloves and user manual.

2. 15-key Kalimba with integrated MP3 player - You can combine the efficiency of the steel keys and wooden body of the 15-key kalimba with the built-in MP3 player and 20 pre-installed rhythms, offering a wide range of different rhythms and accompaniment styles.

3. Delightful 10-key kalimba - If you prefer a lighter, more practical instrument, opt for the 10-key kalimba, which combines minimalist styling with optimum grip, all for a very reasonable price.

4. Classic Kalimba with 17 keys - This 17-key kalimba is designed to produce deep, powerful sounds thanks to its stainless steel tuning fork and wooden body. It's easy to handle and comes with the tools you need to set up and maintain your instrument.

5. 17-key Kalimba with LED display - If you're looking for the ultimate kalimba, this LED instrument is for you! What's more, it features 4 audio modes and 17 touches that respond correctly to every note. 🎹

How to use your kalimba

Even if the kalimba is an accessible and inexpensive instrument, it's important to take a few precautions to get the most out of your instrument. The most important thing is to prevent the instrument from getting damp. You should also take particular care with the blades, as they are the main source of sound.

It is important to ensure that the blades are always in tune. Also check that all points of contact between the blades and the body of the instrument are well maintained.

Finally, to learn how to play the kalimba, don't hesitate to check out the tutorials and online resources provided by 🤓. You'll find everything you need to get started in the fascinating world of the kalimba.


The kalimba is an accessible and affordable instrument that can be enjoyed at any age. If you're looking to buy one at a reasonable price, here are a few examples of kalimbas available for under €50, to suit different levels of experience and musical style. Take the time to discover the kalimba and start playing your own melodies thanks to! 🎼