Custom kalimbas: how to make a custom kalimba

Visit kalimbas are cool, unique percussion instruments that stand out from the standard models. Get inspired and learn how to make a custom kalimba from materials and designs of your choice.

What is a Kalimba?

A Kalimba is a high-stringed percussion instrument. It consists of a metal frame with wooden or metal plates on which metal bars or blades are placed. The metal plates vibrate when hammered, producing a range of pleasant sounds.

How to make a custom-made Kalimba?

The most common process for having a custom kalimba made is as follows:

  • Choose the type and number of musical stems - a variety of sizes can be used with your Kalimba.
  • Choose the material and shape of the Kalimba body (wood, metal, nylon, etc.).
  • Choose a specific size for your instrument.
  • Choose the type of fingerboard edge - the kalimba can have a rounded or angled fingerboard edge.
  • Choose the type of musical stems - metal or wooden stems can be used for the custom kalimba.
  • Choose the type of finish - varnish, sandblast, galvanized, etc.

Although the process can be daunting at first, don't be afraid to ask a specialist for help in bringing your project to fruition. Once you've decided on the specifications, you can pass them on to your manufacturer, who will take care of making your custom kalimba.

The advantages of a custom-made Kalimba

One of the main reasons people opt for a custom kalimba is that they enable musicians to improve their improvisational skills and creativity. You can have a kalimba made that is specifically designed to produce the tones and sound that interest you most. Custom kalimbas also give greater freedom in the choice of materials, finishes and details. Not least because you can work with more specific materials and finishes, and choose more unique designs.

The Only Options Available for Custom Kalimbas

Custom kalimbas offer many options that can help produce very different sounds. Players can choose the number of musical rods, the type of rods, the type of kalimba body, and why not explore more unique finishes such as lacquering, sandblasting, printing, coloring and more. Once the options have been selected, the manufacturer can create a special design and sound to suit your musical style.

How to find a Custom Kalimba Maker?

If you're looking to have a kalimba made to measure, you should start by looking the right way and finding a manufacturer who is a good reference in terms of quality. Then contact the supplier and explain your project. Be sure to discuss the technical details and choose the best material and design to suit your needs. You can also ask for samples to make sure the material meets your expectations.


Custom kalimbas offer a variety of designs, materials and finishes to help you find the instrument that best suits your needs. By choosing to have your kalimba custom-made, you can not only create unique tones and sounds, but also give yourself a completely personalized playing experience. So go ahead and contact a manufacturer today to have your kalimba custom-made!