The best songs for learning arpeggios on the kalimba

The kalimba is an incredible musical instrument to learn. Its harmonious melody and simple playing make it accessible to many players. So everyone can enjoy one of Africa's most beautiful musical instruments. While the kalimba's simple playing makes it easy to learn melodies and songs, it's important to learn how to play arpeggios to give a more professional touch to your favorite tunes. Fortunately, the kalimba offers a variety of styles and notes for learning and perfecting arpeggios on the instrument. In this article, we present some of the best songs for learning arpeggios on the kalimba.

The fifths cycle

The cycle of fifths is an excellent song for learning and perfecting arpeggios on the kalimba. The melody is built on a progression of fifths (five notes). The song spans an octave, and starts with one note, then the next fifth is added, then the next fifth until the octave is complete. The cycle of fifths is an excellent song for learning children's chords, such as C major, C minor and G major. Practice the cycle of fifths by playing simple melodies and applying the chords to each bar.


Malachia is an old West African song that can be played with complex arpeggios on the kalimba. It is popular among kalimba players for its charming melody and harmonic richness. Learn to play Malachia by playing complex arpeggios and chords in every bar to bring more texture to the song. The song can be easily adapted to different codes and is perfect for those looking to learn new styles.

Oh Hummingbird

Oh, Hummingbird is a popular song among beginners. Its simple, harmonious melody makes it ideal for learning arpeggios on the kalimba. Play chords in each bar and arpeggios in between for a richer, more interesting melody. Learn to play Oh Colibri with your kalimba and discover some new arpeggios to bring the song to life. You can also personalize the song by adding a few extra notes.

Children's waltz

Children's Waltz is an easy song to learn on the kalimba, making it a great option for beginners. Learn the basic melody of the song by playing the notes one by one, and playing arpeggios between each note. Once you've mastered the basic melody, you can add a few extra notes to make a richer, fuller version. Playing arpeggios between notes will add more texture and give the song a richer color.

One last thought:

Learning the kalimba is a rich and satisfying experience. The kalimba is a very versatile instrument, allowing you to play a wide range of songs and styles. You can give your favorite tunes a professional touch by learning to play arpeggios. The songs presented here are a great way to learn arpeggios and give your playing more depth and texture. So choose your favorite tune and start learning arpeggios on the kalimba today!