The best ways to play the kalimba solo or in a group

The kalimba is an instrument that offers music lovers and musicians an infinite variety of aural experiences. It is one of a kind and can be played in many different ways, either alone or with others. Learn the best ways to play the kalimba, alone or with others, so you can fully appreciate the experience.

Solo kalimba playing

Solo playing is the simplest and most direct way to play the kalimba. You can start by simply playing and exploring new melodies with your instrument. The kalimba is very easy to play and learn, and is a great option if you're a beginner looking to develop your skills. You can also try out different playing styles, such as picking or tapping. You can also record your performance and listen to it through headphones or an amplifier to hear your own improvisations and progress.

Playing the kalimba in a group

The kalimba can also be played with other instruments in a group. There are many ways of doing this, such as adding percussion to create a backing band, or adding another kalimba to play a duet piece. In these situations, you can even learn to play in harmony with other musicians. However, playing it with other instruments is more difficult than playing it alone, as the kalimba is a fairly subtle instrument and can easily go unnoticed.

It's also possible to play the kalimba with other electronic instruments, such as synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers. This creates a little more space and depth for your music, and better integrates the kalimba into the overall performance. However, to do this, you need to have some knowledge and experience with recording and sound manipulation.


The kalimba is an instrument in its own right, offering music lovers and musicians an infinite variety of possibilities. The kalimba can be played alone or in a group, and everyone will find their own style of playing. Whatever your level of experience, this instrument will always offer you the opportunity to share your passion for music and have fun discovering new and varied sounds.