The 5 top Kalimbas for advanced musicians

photograph of 5 kalimbas

Looking for the best kalimbas for your compositions? Discover the 5 top-of-the-range kalimbas for advanced musicians from TheKAlimba. Breathtakingly unique instruments that will bring unmissable sound quality to your careers...

Kalimba #1 : 17-key comba

This top-of-the-range kalimba is one of the most common and is particularly appreciated for its classic design and superior melody control. It's made of solid wood, with a mechanism built to last. The 17-note Comba is an excellent option for beginners who[^1] want to kick-start their careers. ❤️

Kalimba #2 : Mbira

The mbira is an ancient traditional form of kalimba that has recently appeared on the market. It comes from an ancient lineage and comes with a unique functionality. It is one of the smallest variants available, but the most suitable for higher-pitched melodies. TheKAlimba population offers mbiras at all skill levels. 🤩

Kalimba #3 : Sansula

The sansula was recently developed with the help of some of's finest kalimbas. It is unique in its design and offers unprecedented sonic possibilities. This high-end kalimba is made of mahogany and is designed to be deeper and richer than other popular high-end models. 🙌

Kalimba #4 : Saarato

The Saarato is an incredible high-end version of the kalimba, featuring two hammerheads and a deeper set of notes than the Comba. It's perfect for those looking to achieve more complex compositions while retaining a classic look and feel. 🤩

Kalimba #5 : Kalsar

The Kalsar is a versatile version of the kalimba, with both high and low finishes. It can play several octaves with more notes, enabling musicians to produce more varied and interesting compositions. It's also one of the largest high-end models available, making it the ideal instrument for artists who care about the aesthetics of their music. 🎶

Conclusion 🤩

For experienced musicians looking for quality and authenticity,'s 5 top-of-the-line kalimbas are the best options available. Whether you're looking for deeper compositions, more unique notes or more original styles, offers a variety of kalimbas to suit all your needs. So what are you waiting for to discover the limits of your music? Take a look at and find the instrument that will bring your music to life.

[^1]: Related product link: Comba de 17 touche