The versatile kalimbas and their many musical styles

photo of a green kalimba

When we think of a kalimba, we often think of an instrument that plays melancholy or relaxing melodies. But the kalimba is much more than a gentle instrument, it's capable of offering varied and interesting musical styles. So explore the musical world of the kalimba with - your destination for learning the kalimba and buying all the equipment you need!

What is a kalimba?

The kalimba - also known as the mbira, thumb piano or sansa - is a metal-key instrument from Africa. The kalimba consists of a rectangular wooden box, a metal plate with metal strips or teeth attached to the plate, and numbering keys for playing sounds. The kalimba is often accompanied by other instruments such as guitar, djembe or percussion.

Types of kalimbas and their sounds

The kalimba is typically available in two sizes: large and small. A larger kalimba is easier to play, as it has more keys and a greater variety of notes. The smaller size is perfect for children, as it has a smaller number of keys and a wider, very childlike range of tones.

The sound of the kalimba comes from its metal keys, making it a popular instrument to play to produce different styles and genres of music. The notes produced on the kalimba are typically reverberant and beautiful, while a wider variety of notes is possible with a range of sizes from large to small.

The kalimba, a versatile instrument

The kalimba has become a highly versatile instrument, adapting to a variety of genres including folk, jazz and rock. With a kalimba, you can experiment with new musical styles and create different sound textures to liven up your musical work. What's more, the kalimba is a great idea for a muted instrument, as it produces deep, quiet sounds that can easily blend into the overall sound of a piece of music.

The different ways of playing the kalimba

The kalimba can be played alone or in a group. You can harmonize your melodies on a kalimba so that they blend well with the other instruments. If you're playing in a group, you can also create melodies and improvisations by inviting your friends to add their musical magic to the sounds coming from the kalimba. What's more, the music played on the kalimba is relaxing and spiritual, making it the ideal instrument for adding a peaceful touch to your atmosphere.

How to buy and gain confidence to play?

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