What's the best Kalimba for playing in a group?

Many people love to play the kalimba in a group, and for a variety of reasons. But what's the best kalimba for group work? The kalimba consists of metal or bamboo plates, suspended over holes in a box and fitted with a series of blades and a slide bar. You can play it by oscillating the slide bar to produce sounds.

The size of the kalimba plays a major role

The size of the kalimba is a very important factor to consider when choosing the best kalimba for your band. Kalimbas come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can make a considerable difference to the way they are played. Larger kalimbas offer more power and projection, but require a greater amount of effort to play. Smaller ones are easier to handle, but produce a smaller, less clear sound.

Which kalimba is best suited to collaborative working?

For group playing, we recommend a 10-note kalimba. 10-note kalimbas are known to provide a greater variety of sounds and musical ranges than other models. They're easy to handle, and their size is ideal for group work. You'll find a wide variety of 10-note kalimbas on Thekalimba.com, so don't hesitate to take a look 🔎

How to play a kalimba in a band?

Playing a kalimba in a group can be a little tricky. It's important that everyone plays the same rhythm and finds the right key for the piece. Keep it as simple as possible, as the kalimba is meant to be played solo. In other words, don't try to play a complex song in a group. Instead, opt for a simple tune or improvisation. It's also important to give each player a chance to be heard.

Useful tips for a successful group game

  • Start slowly and adjust the speed as you go along.
  • Keep the structure simple and suitable for all levels.
  • Listen to each player and let them play at their own pace.
  • Find a first kalimba player to serve as a role model.
  • Remember that the kalimba is meant to be played solo, and go at your own pace.
  • Strengthen your group bonds with fun games and improvisations.
  • Accept mistakes and encourage each other.


Playing the kalimba in a group can be great fun. If you're embarking on a new musical adventure with your friends, don't forget to find a suitable kalimba. You'll find plenty of models on Thekalimba.com. From 10-note kalimbas to big and small. Once you've found the right kalimba, follow the tips mentioned below to create a memorable experience 🤗

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