How do you find the right kalimba to perform street music? When you're just starting out in street music, you need an instrument that's easy to use, affordable and will suit your style. Kalimbas are the perfect musical instrument for street musicians playing folk or African music. But how do you choose the right kalimba for you? In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to find the kalimba that best suits your needs. We hope that, by the end of this article, you'll be ready to choose the kalimba that will give you the satisfaction you're looking for and allow you to play in the street!

The different types of kalimbas

There are different types of kalimbas, some more complex and adapted to different styles of music. Kalimbas are made up of a set of metal or wooden blades, called tines, which resonate against the kalimba's ears. The sound can be lighter or darker, depending on the size and material of the kalimba. Kalimbas can also be characterized by their scale and the chords they can play. For example, the Kalimba Marimbula is a 10-note keyed instrument that produces three-note chords. Street musicians may also want to choose a 17- or 21-key instrument for their needs.

What's the best kalimba for you?

The best way to find the right kalimba for you is to try it out. At thekalimba.comThey offer a selection of kalimbas in different sizes and shades. You can also find metal or wooden kalimbas. We recommend that you play a few notes and listen to the different sounds they produce to get an idea of what you're looking for. And don't forget to start with a simple, affordable kalimba! 🎶

How to maintain and care for your kalimba?

Most kalimbas have a wooden body that needs regular care and oiling. Olive oil is generally recommended for kalimba maintenance, and the blades should be regularly cleaned and tuned if necessary. Avoid touching the blades with your hands, as your fingers can cause corrosion and muffle the sound of the kalimba. Be sure to keep your kalimba away from direct sunlight, which can damage the wood. Your kalimba can give you years of happiness and comfort if you take good care of it -✨ so make sure you look after it!


Kalimbas are great instruments for street musicians. They're easy to learn, affordable and send out a melodious, soothing sound. Before you take up street music, take the time to choose the right kalimba for you. Don't forget to take good care of your kalimba, and don't hesitate to ask about to find the kalimba of your dreams. Good luck and good music! 🎶