Which kalimba for pop?

Do you enjoy listening to and playing Pop music and wonder which type of kalimba is best suited to you? You've come to the right place! We're going to give you the best advice on what to consider when choosing a kalimba for playing pop, and a few examples of models that might suit your needs. So, let's get started! 🎵

Choosing the right type of kalimba

The kalimba is an African musical instrument that is very popular today. It's very simple to play and can be used for all styles of music. So which kalimba should you choose to play Pop music?

The most common type of kalimba for this kind of music is the 17-note kalimba which produces a wide range of pitches and allows the use of different chords. The 17-note kalimba is small enough to be easily transported. It's also relatively affordable and easy to learn to play. What's more, it comes with a key for tuning the kalimba.

Another popular type of kalimba for this kind of music is the kalimba hybrid. These kalimbas are a little larger and usually feature a wide variety of notes and tones. They can be very expensive, so be careful when you buy one. If you're a beginner or a little more advanced in your learning, a 17-note kalimba will probably be a better option for you.


If you're looking for a good kalimba to make pop music, consider the following models available on the site TheKalimba.com :

  • 17-note MR345 LM kalimba: this relatively large kalimba is made of stainless steel. It features an LCD display and can be easily tuned.
  • MR468 MB 17-note kalimba: this kalimba is smaller and lighter, making it ideal for beginners. It is made of mahogany.
  • MR190 HN 17-note kalimba: this kalimba is very affordable and perfect for beginners. It is made of wood and is well suited to playing Pop music.
  • Kalimba hyrbid MR150 PG: this kalimba is larger and more expensive than the others, but it also offers a greater variety of notes and tones.

If you're not sure which kalimba to buy, don't hesitate to contact TheKalimba.com customer service for advice. 🤗


Now you're well equipped to find the right kalimba for playing Pop. 17-note kalimbas are ideal for beginners and more experienced musicians looking for an affordable, versatile instrument. Hybrid kalimbas are perfect for those who want a more versatile instrument that can be played in different styles of music. So what are you waiting for? Start playing and making music! 🎶