Which kalimbas for traditional African music?

If you're passionate about traditional African music and are looking for the best instrument to play it on, the kalimba is a great option. But have you imagined the number of different options that can make your playing experience truly special?

On TheKalimba.comHere you'll find a wide variety of kalimbas to help you find the best kalimba for playing African music: from traditional models to the most modern, from natural and unconventional sounds to hexatonic tones.

Traditional West African Kalimbas

Traditional African kalimbas are portable hand instruments. Once learned, they are easily transported, even to the most remote locations. Most models are made of metal, with wooden or bamboo keys. A kalimba consists of a long, flat frame on which a series of keys are mounted. When the keys are pressed, they produce a different note that resonates through a megaphone. Kalimbas are very popular for melodies and songs in West Africa.

Modern metal kalimbas

Modern metal kalimbas are the perfect compromise between traditional kalimbas and modern stringed instruments. It's a variable-geometry instrument, made of rectangular metal but with customizable features. The keys are made of metal filled with tiles of the same color, which produce balanced harmonies when struck with a hammer. Modern metal kalimbas are relatively easier to play and offer richer sounds.

Electronic and digital kalimbas

Electronic and digital kalimbas use advanced technology to deliver breathtaking experiences. With them, you can modify existing sounds, record your performances and have fun with a variety of effects. Some models can also connect to your computer so you can edit and share your creations.

The possibilities offered by kalimbas can help the player discover new and interesting sounds. Ultimately, the variety of kalimbas available for traditional African music means that everyone can access this beautiful music, whatever their playing level and preferences.

Key tip

To find the best kalimba for African music, start by comparing the different models available on TheKalimba.com and find the one that offers the best value for money and suits your style and gaming needs. 😉