What material for your Kalimba: wood, bamboo, metal or acrylic?

You've probably already asked yourself the question: what's the best material for my Kalimba? At TheKalimba.com, we offer a full range of kalimbas made from different materials to cover your playing level and budget! But which one to choose? We'll help you find out more and choose the best one for you! 🤓

Wooden Kalimbas

Wooden Kalimbas have one of the most beautiful styles, offering a wide variety of wood species and colors. You'll find the most common wood chosen for Kalimbas is sapele, mahogany, maple, xylophone or zebrano. Wooden Kalimbas are ideal for blues or jazz playing, as they produce warm, mellow sounds.

Metal Kalimbas

Metal Kalimbas offer a brighter tone and some sharper tones. Metal notes can be oscillating and brighter, making them widely used for contemporary playing and reggae. These Kalimbas are constructed from metal with a protective coating to provide a complete frame while retaining quality sound and precision.

Bamboo Kalimbas

Bamboo Kalimbas are more traditional, with a subtle tone that develops its own multi-layered timbre. If you're looking for a unique kalimba, bamboo offers endless possibilities in different shades, and also in varying lengths. Bamboo kalimbas are popular for their light, natural sound.

Kalimbas in acrylic

Acrylic Kalimbas come in a variety of models, colors and sizes. They are very easy to set up and have a longer lifespan. Acrylic Kalimbas are very popular with young people and beginners alike, as they provide superb musical accents and a playful, attention-grabbing design. Acrylics are also more affordable, making them a better choice for limited budgets.

What to choose?

Each type of Kalimba is unique and offers features to suit different needs and musical styles. So the best choice will depend on the music you play and your budget. Our advice ➡️ visit thekalimba.com and find the perfect model to match your style! 🎶