Where to find Original and Unique Kalimbas? ­čĄö

Looking for a musical instrument original and unique ? Look no further that the kalimba ! This little musical instrument is ideal for expressing your creativity and invite a exquisite musical atmosphere in your home.

What is the Kalimba? ­čĄÄ

Visit kalimba is a percussion instrument originally from Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. It consists of a lid and a bamboo grate to which are attached blades. Each blade has a burr or a taband a key that is lightly pressed into the grid. When you play with a thumb or fingernail, the sound is produced.

Where to find original and unique Kalimbas? ­čĄę

Fortunately, you can find original and unique kalimbas around the world. To do this, you can turn to kalimba musicians and their luthiers, but also at Etsy or Amazon.

Le site TheKalimba.com also offers a varied selection of kalimbas, which are originals and have a unique. You can choose between single-barrel, double-barrel and multi-barrel kalimbas.

When you search for a kalimba on TheKalimba, you can decide not only on the number of keys, but also on the key sizeThe smaller ones are lower and the larger ones higher. If you're looking for a pleasant range, try the 17 keysbecause it's the most versatile.

How to find a Kalimba luthier ­čĄę

If you are looking for a Kalimba luthier to create an instrument with original tonesYou're sure to find a specialist in your area. You can look at discussion forums and browse specialized websites to find a good luthier.

You can also buy a kalimba toolbox and create your own kalimba, if you're a do-it-yourselfer. With this option, you'll be able to control every step in the making of your musical instrument, and get the finished product exactly the way you want it.

Conclusion ­čą│

Visit TheKalimba.com is the perfect place to find original and unique kalimbas that will undoubtedly be the most subtle and charming of your musical possessions. Go ahead and explore their superb selection of kalimbas! ­čÄë

If you're looking for a kalimba with unique, personalized features, find a luthier or try creating your kalimba yourself. ­čĄę