What accessories are essential for your kalimba?

You've just bought a kalimba and you're looking to improve your experience and wondering what you need to get off to a good start? We've compiled a guide to the essential accessories you need for your kalimba.

Carrying case

Let's start with the most important item of all: the carrying case. This special case can accompany you wherever you go🌎It's essential to protect your kalimba from knocks and bumps. It's essential not only to protect your kalimba from bumps and knocks, but also to reduce exposure to dust and UV rays.

We encourage you to explore the various options offered by TheKalimba.com because each type of kalimba implies different sizes and heights.

A good assortment of baguettes and Jew's harps

When you play the kalimba or share it with others, it's essential to have a variety of sticks and jaw harps. Any professional kalimba player will tell you that both are just as essential as the music itself. Newly made mallets are generally easier to play and offer better tonality. So keep a varied stock to differentiate the type of music you play.

With regard to baguettes and Jew's harpsTheKalimba.com offers an excellent selection, and all are of very high quality. You can choose according to your kalimba type, wood and playing style.

A support

If you're looking for an easy, convenient and stable way to play your kalimba, then we recommend you buy a stand. A stand is useful for subtracting stick movements and giving a stable position for playing. It has been designed to offer an ergonomic design and to display your kalimba for others to see.

Brackets are available for all types of kalimba. You can find them at TheKalimba.com. We also advise you to examine the dimensions and wood of the support.

A transport screen

The transport screen is a fabric specially designed for kalimbas and other mounted stringed instruments. It helps protect your strings when in storage or traveling. You don't need to use every line, but remember to use it for the utmost protection of your instrument.

If you're looking for a transport screen for your kalimba, then TheKalimba.com is the best place to go. Transport screens are available in different sizes and are ideal for 🗣️the smallest and largest kalimbas.

A thumb support

Thumb rests are very useful for making playing easier and more comfortable. In fact, the thumb rest is just as vital as the stick or the Jew's harp. It's designed to provide an extra grip that's limited to a single square. This means you won't have to change your baguette or Jew's harp while you're playing.

Thumb rests are available on TheKalimba.com in various sizes and woods. Physically, they are quite similar to the good ones and offer a perfect fit for ease of transport and use. You'll notice that thumb rests offer a better playing angle than drumsticks and jaw harps.

In conclusion, when purchasing a kalimba, there are certain essential items to have that will enhance the experience and quality of the game. These include chopsticks, jaw harps, transport screens, stands and thumb rests. Don't forget that different sizes and woods are available for each equipment and TheKalimba.com